selling or buying

Whether you are selling or buying, make sure you know what you are getting into.


Step-by-step process to selling your home.

Step 1: Find an agent that will help you and represent your home.

Step 2: Prepare your home for Sale

Step 3: Determine your home’s value here

Step 4: List your home

Step 5: Accept the Offer

Step 6: Close on your home


Learn more about the home buying process.

Step 1: Get ready for home ownership.
Building good credit history, get mortgage pre-approval and find out what type of mortgages you qualify for. 
Save up for a down payment and closing costs.

Step 2: Find a REALTOR, your expert guide through the process. 
Get a referral from friends, family and work colleagues. Interview several Realtors to find the best match for you. 

Step 3: Pick an agent that will look out for your needs.

Step 4: Look at options to see what will best suit your needs and wants. Look through our database, using our Interactive Map Search.

Step 5: Make an offer.

Step 6: Close on your home.

When thinking about your dream home, it’s key to understand what you need out of the home and what you can’t live without.  Download this worksheet to help rate what’s a non-negotiable and what’s important to your family.